Welcome to the Department of Student Services Homepage!  We will utilize this web page to provide important information and updates for our school community.
Special Education
In accordance with state and federal guidelines, Lyons Elementary School District 103 provides a full continuum of special education and related services for those children who meet specific eligibility and reside within the District. Schools are committed to identifying individual student needs and providing services in the least restrictive environment. As much as possible, students are provided access to and participation in the general education curriculum.
Each school has a Student Support Team, which may include general and special education teachers, a school psychologist, social worker, speech and language pathologist, nurse, administrator, and other staff as deemed necessary. Teams are committed to problem-solving and identifying those research-based interventions necessary to maximize student learning.
Lyons Elementary School District 103 is a member of the La Grange Area Department of Special Education (LADSE). LADSE is a cooperative comprised of 15 Elementary and High School Districts. Collaboratively these districts combine resources to maximize and provide appropriate services
for those students who meet eligibility and who reside within the cooperative.
Parents/guardians may obtain additional information by contacting:
Kim West, Director of Student Services,  708-783-4108 or [email protected]
Special Education Rights Guide
You can access the special education rights guide, Educational Rights and Responsibilities: Understanding Special Education in Illinois, using the links below.  This guide was collaboratively developed and reviewed by the Parent Task Force on Accessible Education Materials, parent leaders, special education administrators, parent and advocacy organizations, and the Illinois State Board of Education.
The 2009 edition has been designed to serve as a useful resource to both parents and school personnel. The guide includes a comprehensive narrative outlining the principle responsibilities, rights, and procedures for special education. The guide is user-friendly and allows the reader to obtain a detailed overview of special education as a whole, or to research a specific topic.