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New Student Enrollment for Year 2023-2024

If you are entirely new to our district, welcome! New Student Enrollment will open on Wednesday, April 26. Please follow the steps below to connect through our student information system Skyward and begin your enrollment. Before you begin the enrollment process please ensure that you have the necessary documentation (Spanish version) required to enroll your student.

Step-by-Step Enrollment Process:


Step 1:

  • Request a login account (click here!) using your preferred email address. If you don't have an email address, you can set one up for free via Google Gmail, Yahoo, or similar services. Your Skyward account information will be sent to this email address.
  • You will receive an email with your login information to complete your enrollment  
  • Fill out student/family/medical/residency information and submit the application 
Step 2:
  • Once the application is approved you will receive another email with your Skyward Family Access username and a link to reset your password 
  • Next log in to Skyward Family Access with your new username and newly created password
  • Click the Online Registration Button  
  • Complete all steps (showing a green check mark)  
  • Click the Submit button to send all the information to the District once everything has been completed

Any questions please contact: 


District Office: 708-783-4100 


Costello Elementary: Shannon Blazina P: 708-783-4300 E: [email protected]


Edison Elementary: Debbie Klein P: 708-783-4400 E: [email protected]


Home Elementary: Lisa Kesman P: 708-783-4500 E: [email protected]


Lincoln Elementary: Leslie Hernandez P: 708-783-4600 E: [email protected]


Robinson Elementary: Petra Griffin P: 708-783-4700 E: [email protected]


George Washington Middle School: Julie Marcinkiewicz P: 708-783-4200 E: [email protected]

Preschool Program: Angelina Viramontes P: (708) 783-4100 x1016 E: [email protected]