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Professional Development Mission Statement

of Lyons School District 103



The Lyons School District 103 is a professional learning community that fosters collaboration for the academic, emotional, and social growth of each student through consistent quality and purposeful educational experiences in and out of the classroom.  The District and community will be responsible for nurturing students along the path to become productive life-long learners in a richly diverse world.


Professional Development Mission Statement of Lyons School District 103 is supported by the following:


  • Best practice materials to support the curriculum.
  • Content that focuses on specific curriculum – math, literacy, etc.
  • Raises student achievement utilizing student data to inform instruction.
  • Professional development will incorporate models that include lesson plans, module planning, samples of student work, observations of colleagues, and video or written cases of researched based teaching.
  • Instruction will be consistent with curricular models and with a clear vision.
  • Learning is a never ending process which constantly improves skills and the proficiency of educators, no matter what stage of their teaching experience or how many degrees they obtain. This ensures their competency as professionals.
  • Results of professional development strengthen teachers’ practices and only improve student learning outcomes.
  • Reflection and feedback provide teachers the opportunities to think, receive input, and make changes to their practices.
  • Identification of expert teachers to be mentors and coaches.