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Welcome Parents/Guardians to Lyons School District 103's
Preschool Program 
Our Motto:
Working together to expand student opportunities.
Our Mission:
In everything we do, we work together, to provide quality educational services for
all students of Lyons Elementary School District 103.
Our Vision:
The vision of District 103 early childhood programs is to provide excellence in
education at all levels for children from birth through grade three by empowering
learners in a nurturing, diverse, and happy environment through the collaborative
efforts of caring and positive staff and parents.
Our Educational Philosophy:
The early childhood curriculum in District 103 is aligned with the district
prekindergarten learning goals and the Illinois Early Learning Standards. Our
programs incorporate best practice guidelines from the National Association for
the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) ensuring that all children are provided
with educationally sound evidence-based learning opportunities within our
For additional information please contact:
Samantha James                            
Preschool Coordinator                       
Angelina Viramontes
Student Services/Preschool Assistant
708-783-4100 ex 1016