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THINK Program

Meeting the Needs of High-Ability Students and Services Offered


            “Success begins in the classroom for all students.”


Welcome to the Lyons School District 103 page outlining supports that are offered to extend learning for students.  We believe that student success begins in the classroom.  Recognizing that students learn in many ways and with the intention of challenging students at their learning levels, we offer services to help students reach their highest potential. 


First, all K-8th students are offered differentiated learning opportunities in their classroom subject areas of Math and English Language Arts. That may include small group, partner or independent work. This is intended to extend student learning as needed to challenge thinking.


Next, for elementary students scoring at the 85% or higher on 3 most recent NWEA tests, students may be invited for pullout enrichment in the once weekly THINK program. Both MATH and ELA THINK classes endeavor to expand student understanding and challenge students further by content area. See more about this in the THINK program overview page that follows.


For middle school students, challenge courses are offered to those  identified as high achieving in Math and ELA.  


In compliance with the Accelerated Placement Act of 2018, students who are considered performing well above grade level, may be considered for Math or ELA content, or grade level acceleration. 


Other ways student learning is extended for all students in Lyons District 103 include after school enrichment experiences in athletics, music, art, reading and clubs, to name a few.

THINK Program Overview


The THINK program focuses on extending ELA and Math  learning for the highest performing 1st - 5th grade students. THINK programming meets once per week for each area of study and may incorporate science and social studies concepts where possible. Curriculum is designed in quarters and aligns with grade level initiatives alongside district goals. 


THINK students are selected based on standardized scores at or above the 85%, with review of the 3 most recent NWEA scores. It is flexible, which allows for students to enter or exit at the beginning of the school year or after mid-year testing. 

We believe that “success starts in the classroom and we make decisions keeping the best interest of the student in mind.”