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Fact Checking Information

March 28, 2019


Just to clarify on the Illinois Interactive Report Card, chronic absenteeism means:


Excerpts from the School Code:

"Chronic absence" means absences that total 10% or more of school days of the most recent academic school year, including absences with and without valid cause, as defined in Section 26-2a of this Code, and out-of-school suspensions for an enrolled student.




Fact Checks From the School Board Candidate Forum on March 20, 2019:


It was noted at the candidate forum that the district math and reading interventionists are not qualified or lacked a certificate. This is not true.


All teachers instructing in these areas are qualified to teach.


It was noted that a past school budget was approximately 1.4 million over budget in expenditures. This data needs to be clarified:


The budget year that is referenced included a mandated (As per federal law with the American With Disabilities Act) installation of an elevator at Home School and a lift for the handicapped at Robinson School totaling approximately $500,000. This is an expenditure mandated by law and does not reflect fiscal mismanagement.


The budget year that is referenced included a standard annual payment of $900,000 to the LaGrange Area Department of Special Education, (for which we received the invoice for services late in June) and the payment was made in July, which is in the following year’s budget. So this resulted in a shortage of expenditures in the previous budget and an overage in the next budget. This is an accounting issue and does not reflect fiscal mismanagement.


It was noted at the meeting a reference to the board that was in power from 2015-2017 under the presidency of Michael Bennett who created a new job and hired Kyle Hastings. Mr. Hastings received a multi-year contract that is still in effect as Assistant Superintendent for $1,000 per day along with full family health insurance and a 3.25% annual increase. A board member referenced this Assistant Superintendent in his comments at the meeting.






  • Four years have passed since District 103 provided a District Report Card to the community.
    • This is false. The School District 103 Report cards are visible on our website annually.
  • School District 103 fails to contact Joliet School District 86 references on former teacher, Andreas Rodriguez.
    • This is false. Reference checks were made.
  • School board meetings canceled and special meetings held at inconsistent times and dates confusing parents.
    • This is false.
February 21st 2019
Regarding the DesPlaines Valley News article Dated 2/21/19 Titled "SD 103 Puts Lincoln School Principal On Paid Leave":
This article has false information.

February 19, 2019 


A recent post suggested that there was a crack drug situation at GWMS on February 19, 2019


Clarification:  This is false information.

This was posted on Facebook Regarding the District Having School on Jan. 28:


Schools in District 103 ARE OPEN! I have been receiving many calls from parents this morning saying buses never came for their kids or they haven’t been able to get in contact with the School District regarding schools being open.


Even as a board member my calls have not been answered to the Administration or Superintendent.  Unfortunately communication is NOT a priority for our District.  We need change.


Jorge Torres

SD 103 School Board Member


Here are the correct facts regarding Jan. 28:


·        Communication IS a PRIORITY.  The announcement regarding school being open was communicated and on our website.


·        We received parent phone calls. It is not true that they could not get in touch with the school district.


·        Some buses, as you would expect on a snowy day, were late.


·        Mr. Torres never received a return call from the superintendents because he NEVER placed the call.  There are no messages from him on any of our answering machines.