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Curriculum Department

One goal of the Board of Education is a curriculum that is consistent from Kindergarten through 8th grade. A 6 Part Curriclulm Development process in being used. Each content area is then guided by questions throughout the 6 Part cycle.
1. Research and Audit
What is currently being used?
Best practices
Illinois Standards for Learning
Essential Learning
2. Curriculum Framework
What should be taught in each subject area?
Map Subject Area
Goals and Objectives at Each Grade Level
Performance Indicators
3. Select Resources
What is needed?
Selection Process for Materials and Books
Plan Staff Development
4. Implement
How will the curriculum be taught?
New Materials
Attention to Student Learning
Pacing Guides
Staff Development
5. Revise and Refine
What is working well?
Monitoring Teaching of Essential Content
Assessment Data
Staff Development
Models of Instruction
Use of Time
6. Analyze and Evaluate
What is the data telling us about student achievement?
District Data
School Data
School Improvement Process
Effective for All Learners
Improvements in Curriculum, Best Practices, and Assessments